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Ramdhenu Industrial Training Institute

Affiliated to State Council for Vocational Training (SCVT)

Government of Assam

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Welcome to Ramdhenu ITI

Affiliated to State Council for Vocational Training (SCVT)

Government of Assam

About us

Ramdhenu ITI is s pioneering institute in the district of Sivasagar under uhe recognition of State Council Of Technical Education, Assam. Ramdhenu ITI was established in the year of 2018. We deliver various Free Education Scheme for needy students. Our goal is to Transforming Technical Education Transforming Assam and then Transforming India. Location of Ramdhenu ITI is Taxiali, Near Honda Dealer, Sibsagar, Assam, Pincode:785640.

Our Courses

Explore our diverse academic programs designed to inspire innovation and excellence.


Duration : 2 years

Gear up for success as an electrician with our diploma program. Our experienced instructors will mentor you through practical skills and theory, ensuring you're ready for the field. Dive into hands-on training in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Mechanic Diesel

Duration : 1 year

Explore the diesel mechanics realm with our hands-on training and expert guidance. Gain the theoretical knowledge essential for a thriving career in automotive mechanics. Our experienced instructors will prepare you for success in the automotive industry.


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Message from the Director

Image of the director

Miss. Satabdi Chutia

A very warm welcome to RAMDHENU ITI. It is my pleasure to introduce you to this institute which has grown tremendously since its inception in 2019, and is slowly but surely evolving in stature. The Institute offers one-year course of mechanic diesel and two-year course in electrician.

An institution is only as good as its people are, and onboarding excellent human resources to facilitate and guide learning and practice is something that is pursued with hallmark ITI zeal. The student community drawn from all over the country has grown and will continue to grow in strength and diversity. The dream to make a creative, multidisciplinary institution which delivers quality education, original research and practice, is what drives the academic community here. Periodic Industry-Academia Conclaves and a strong emphasis on industry internships represent a few other instances of our commitment to a strong education-industry interface. The mandate of our Career Development Centre, as the name indicates, goes far beyond coordinating campus placements.

Student Feedback & Testimonials

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